The Indian Satellite System used for domestic communications, television and meteorology is known as


B. Bhaskara

C. Aryabhatta

D. All the above

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  1. Which of the following wires of same dimensions offers least resistance to the ,flow of current?
  2. The ringing of an electric bell in an enclosed evacuated glass bell jar is not heard outside because
  3. Credit for starting Space Science Research in India goes to
  4. Sound waves in air are
  5. The heat generated in a conductor carrying current is proportional to
  6. The device that is used to measure the electromotive force of a cell is
  7. Dioptre is the unit of power of
  8. Gamma radiations are used for
  9. The planet with the reddish tinge is
  10. The source of electric energy in an artificial satellite is
  11. Fish and other aquatic creatures can live inside a deep frozen pond because
  12. The barometer was invented by
  13. Body A is kept in contact with body B. Heat will flow from A to B if
  14. Which physical quantity is measured in watts
  15. When sound waves travel from one medium to another, the quantity which remains unchanged is its
  16. Which of the following pairs is not correct?
  17. It is easier to climb down a staircase than climb up because in climbing down
  18. Mercury does not stick to glass because
  19. Rays similar to X-rays but of smaller wave length that are given off by radioactive substances are
  20. The evaporation rate depends on
  21. A small bubble of air deep down in a lake rises up to the top of the lake. The volume of the bubble…
  22. In a refrigerator, the refrigerant is
  23. Which is the densest planet of the solar system?
  24. Separating particles from a suspension is effected by
  25. Besides protons, the nucleus of an atom contains
  26. A device used to measure heights above sea level is known as
  27. For an electron orbiting in a hydrogen atom, the necessary centripetal force keeping it in orbit is…
  28. The unit of power in SI is
  29. The completely dark portion of a shadow of an object is known as
  30. The SI unit of electric current is