The instruction -> Add LOCA,R0 does,

A. Adds the value of LOCA to R0 and stores in the temp register

B. Adds the value of R0 to the address of LOCA

C. Adds the values of both LOCA and R0 and stores it in R0

D. Adds the value of LOCA with a value in accumulator and stores it in R0

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  1. Pipelining increases the CPU instruction ____
  2. The registers,ALU and the interconnection between them are collectively called as _____ .
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  5. ______________ is the special effect used to introduce each slide in a slide presentation.
  6. The NOR gate is complement of ..
  7. Length of shift register in bits is equal to _________
  8. One of the disadvantages of multimedia is:
  9. ______ is used to choose between incrementing the PC or performing ALU operations .
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  17. The SRGP package provides the ________ to wide the variety of display devices.
  18. The process of selecting and viewing the picture with different views is called _________
  19. The purpose of display processor is _________ from the graphics routine task
  20. random-scan monitors typically offer ________ color choices.
  21. Quick access to frequently used commands can be found in the ________ toolbar.
  22. The line 2x-y+4=0, if clipped against this window will connect the points ?
  23. A bilinear transformation can be simulated by the transformation ?
  24. Devices that are used primarily to transport data between the processor and the user are known as ____
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  27. The region code 0000 represents the _________
  28. _____ is concerned with the way the hardware components operate to form computer system.
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  30. The decoded instruction is stored in ______ .