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  1. To get Stroke option in Photoshop, we have to select
  2. The default color mode of Photoshop is CMYK.
  3. Which command selects a specified color or color subset within an existing selection or an entire image?
  4. The short cut key of Feather is Alt+Ctrl+F.
  5. We cal delete any channel from channel option
  6. The default size of a web banner is___________*__________
  7. In Photoshop, we can leave information for another by recording it
  8. We can see the individual channels in their respective color
  9. How many maximum steps we can undo in Photoshop?
  10. Image > Mode > 16 bit is activated, when
  11. The keyboard shortcut of duplicate layer is
  12. Blurs edges by building a transition boundary between the selection and its surrounding pixels is known…
  13. The keyboard shortcut of Brush option is
  14. The full form of TIFF is _______________.
  15. We can swap between the Lasso tools by
  16. __________________ option give us the information of color etc. of an image.
  17. We can make the edges smooth of an curved image by selecting
  18. The range of feather is
  19. GIF does not support background transparency.
  20. To get Auto contrast option in Photoshop, we have to select
  21. If any editor save a selection, it takes the name
  22. We can change Color balance, Tone balance and Purity of color from
  23. For printing purpose, the resolution should be
  24. How many selection tools are there in Photoshop?
  25. For printing purpose, we use CMYK color model
  26. The Keyboard shortcut for layer option is
  27. To get Feather option in Photoshop.
  28. We cannot save any Selection in Photoshop.
  29. The keyboard shortcut for open Color balance is Ctrl+B
  30. To get Auto contrast option in Photoshop, select