The life of a ball bearing is inversely proportional to

A. (Load)1

B. (Load)2

C. (Load)3

D. (Load)0.33

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  1. The passage between the nozzle and the __________ is called 'sprue' in case of injection moulding.
  2. Minimum thermal efficiency of a steam boiler may be around __________ percent
  3. Glycerine is used as a coolant in cooling of some engines instead of water, because
  4. The delivery pressure of boiler feed water pump compared to the boiler steam pressure is
  5. Cascade control is
  6. Satellites burn off during re-entry to earth's atmosphere, because of the
  7. Titanium is produced by __________ of Ti Cl4.
  8. 'Ice point' is designated on Fahrenheit temperature scale by
  9. Gratings is associated with the measurement of
  10. With increase in annealing temperature, the following defect density decreases.
  11. Boiling point of water gets lowered at high altitudes (e.g., hills), because
  12. Which of the following is normally not found in both the S.I. (petrol) & C.I. (diesel) engines?
  13. __________ test determines the yield strength, Young's modulus of elasticity, percentage reduction in…
  14. The critical pressure at which the latent heat of vaporisation of steam becomes zero is __________ Kg/cm2.
  15. In multipass welds, shot peening is done after each pass to
  16. Consumable electrodes are used in the __________ welding.
  17. Which of the following properties of a solid is not dependent on crystal imperfection?
  18. Faraday's law of electrolysis is related to the
  19. The swift cup test evaluates the following property of a sheet metal.
  20. Out of the following, the most malleable material is
  21. Which of the following is used to produce draught in the locomotive boilers?
  22. Alloys having more than 80% copper are generally more
  23. Direct conversion of thermal energy to electrical energy is facilitated by the
  24. Silicon percentage in the silicon steel used for electrical appliances/equipments is
  25. A highly elastic material is deformed least on loading and retains its original form on removal of the…
  26. Shrinkage allowance on pattern is provided to compensate for shrinkage when the
  27. Stainless steel is welded with difficulty because of
  28. The transition temperature at which all the ferromagnetic materials become paramagnetic materials is…
  29. The wet bulb temperature is lower in dry air than in wet air at the same temperature. A dry bulb thermometer…
  30. Hot extrusion process is not used for making