The low cost price leader will charge:

A. higher prices

B. zero prices

C. lower prices

D. specific prices

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  1. In real life firms:
  2. According to Cobb-Douglas, in production function the marginal product of labor is:
  3. Economics define technology as:
  4. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  5. In real life, brand loyalty is a barrier to:
  6. The isoquant approach is:
  7. The reserve capacity in administration is advocated on the ground that demand for a product will:
  8. The general form of Cobb-Douglas production function is:
  9. In dominant strategies I am doing the best, I can no matter:
  10. Liquidity of Preference Theory was introduced by:
  11. The law of demand is most directly a result of:
  12. If under perfect competition, in the short period, price does not cover the average cost completely,…
  13. In the long run average costs curve, a firm can change:
  14. In the range of excess capacity, the average costs are:
  15. Price discrimination is undertaken with the aim of:
  16. In dominant price leadership model, the dominant firm set the:
  17. Average Revenue means:
  18. Income -elasticity of demand will be zero when a given change in income brings about:
  19. In short run, a firm can change its:
  20. The budget-line is also known as the:
  21. Elasticity of demand is equal to unity while marginal revenue is:
  22. In Recardian theory of value, the stress has been made on:
  23. If the demand for good is less elastic and government levied a tax per unit of output, the price per…
  24. Nash equilibrium is applicable in case of:
  25. Normally when price per unit of time falls:
  26. Firms average and marginal revenues are equal under:
  27. Demand of a commodity is elastic when:
  28. The shape of the TC curve is:
  29. In 1776, a famous book An enquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nation was written by:
  30. In non-constant sum game (non-zero sum game), if there are two parties then: