The main contribution of David Ricardo is in the field of:

A. Wages of labor

B. Factor pricing

C. Theory of rent

D. Determination of the rate of interest

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  1. The situation of single buyer and single seller is called:
  2. Regarding economic decisions, economics of uncertainty identifies:
  3. Law of Substitution in production was presented by:
  4. An increase in the price of the good measured on the horizontal axis causes:
  5. An effective price ceiling usually results in:
  6. Under monopolistic competition, in long-run there is:
  7. Under which of the following forms of the market structure does a firm have no control over the price…
  8. The main contribution of Adam Smith is in the field of:
  9. A price is a ratio of exchange between:
  10. In Nash Equilibrium:
  11. Who first used the term Quasi-Rent?
  12. The cobweb model will divergent when the slope of:
  13. Discriminating monopoly implies that the monopolist charges different prices for his commodity:
  14. A market demand schedule is obtained by adding individual demand schedules:
  15. A firms profit is equal to:
  16. If two goods are complements then indifference curve (IC) will be:
  17. In perfect competition, the slope of the total revenue curve of a firm is equal to the:
  18. In case of monopoly, when total revenue is maximum:
  19. The longer the period of time, the elasticity of supply will be:
  20. On the total utility curve the economically relevant range is the portion over which:
  21. According to Marshal, the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility:
  22. Identify the work of T.W.Schultz:
  23. When sales tax is imposed on monopolist, its:
  24. When the slope of a demand curve is infinite (also known as horizontal demand curve) then elasticity…
  25. When at a given price, the quantity demanded of a commodity is more than the quantity supplied, there…
  26. The cost that a firm incurs in purchasing or hiring any factor of production is referred to as:
  27. Who wrote An Introduction to Positive Economics?
  28. Average cost means:
  29. In Edgeworth model, price remains:
  30. If in the long run, output increases in the same proportion as increase in all the input in the given…