The marshallian demand curve includes:

A. Substitution Effect

B. Income Effect

C. Both substitution and income effect

D. None of them

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  1. If two households have identical preferences but different incomes then:
  2. If the marginal utility is divided by the price of the commodity then it is called:
  3. The monopolist who is producing the same output from two (or more than two) plants is concerned with:
  4. When the slope of a demand curve is infinite (also known as horizontal demand curve) then elasticity…
  5. Demand is consumers:
  6. A typical demand curve cannot be:
  7. The Lambda or Langrange Multiplier is a:
  8. Moving along an indifference curve leaves the consumer:
  9. In the case of an inferior good, the income effect:
  10. Technological efficiency:
  11. Who is the author of Problems of Capital Formation in Underdeveloped Countries?
  12. The game theory takes into consideration:
  13. Excess capacity is concerned with the:
  14. The alternative of profit maximization theory is:
  15. Moving along the indifference curve leaves the consumer:
  16. Which of the following does not have a uniform elasticity of demand at all points?
  17. The non-price competition cartel is a:
  18. When elasticity of demand is less than one (e
  19. Firms average and marginal revenues are equal under:
  20. In cournot model, firms make decisions separately regarding:
  21. The demand of the luxuries is:
  22. The difference between accounting profits and economic profits is:
  23. In short run:
  24. The shape of the TC curve is:
  25. In monopolistic competition, the firms have to face:
  26. The budget constraint can be written as:
  27. A market-clearing price:
  28. At the shut-down point in perfect competition:
  29. By reducing the prices of its products below those of its competitors, a perfectly competitive seller:
  30. If Cobb-Douglas production function is homogeneous of degree greater than one (n>1), then it shows: