The mass of gas turbine per kW developed is about ________ as that of an I.C. engine.

A. Same

B. One-half

C. One fourth

D. One sixth

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  1. The gas in cooling chamber of a closed cycle gas turbine is cooled at
  2. What will be the volume of air at 327°C if its volume at 27°C is 1.5 m³/ mt?
  3. The ratio of the volume of free air delivery per stroke to the swept volume of the piston, is known…
  4. The following is true for an open cycle gas turbine having exhaust heat exchanger. Atmospheric air before…
  5. In a jet engine, the air-fuel ratio is
  6. In a four stage compressor, if the pressure at the first and third stage is 1 bar and 16 bar, then the…
  7. In a jet propulsion
  8. The efficiency of jet engine is
  9. Pressure ratio in gas turbines is the ratio of
  10. In the axial flow gas turbine, the work ratio is the ratio of
  11. A jet engine works on the principle of conservation of
  12. It is not possible to use closed gas turbine cycle in aeronautical engines because
  13. The material commonly used for air craft gas turbine is
  14. The ratio of isentropic work to Euler work is known as
  15. The overall isothermal efficiency of compressor is defined as the ratio of
  16. The thermal efficiency of a gas turbine as compared to a diesel plant is
  17. In a centrifugal compressor, the ratio of the ________ to the blade velocity is called slip factor.
  18. Euler's equation can be used for
  19. Standard air is the air at
  20. In multistage compressor, the isothermal compression is achieved by
  21. Work ratio of a gas turbine plant is ratio of
  22. Temperature of gases at end of compression as compared to exhaust gases in a gas turbine is
  23. The specific output per kg mass flow rate of a gas turbine (having fixed efficiencies of compressor…
  24. The volume of air delivered in a medium capacity air compressor per unit time is
  25. The minimum work required for a three stage reciprocating air compressor is ________ the work required…
  26. If the flow of air through the compressor is perpendicular to its axis, then it is a
  27. For maximum work, the reheating should be done to an intermediate pressure of (Where p₁ = Maximum…
  28. In a single stage, single acting reciprocating air compressor, without clearance, the workdone on the…
  29. Volumetric efficiency of a compressor without clearance volume
  30. The work ratio of a gas turbine plant is defined as the ratio of