The maximum normal stress theory is used for

A. Plastic materials

B. Brittle materials

C. Non-ferrous materials

D. Ductile materials

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  1. In worm gears, the angle between the tangent to the pitch helix and an element of the cylinder, is known…
  2. Rivets are generally specified by
  3. The resultant axial load on a bolt depends on
  4. In standard taper roller bearings, the angle of taper of outer raceway is
  5. When a closely coiled helical spring is subjected to a couple about its axis, the stress induced in…
  6. The contact ratio is the ratio of
  7. If p = bearing pressure on projected bearing area, z = absolute viscosity of lubricant, and N = speed…
  8. A triple riveted butt joint with double straps of unequal width is to be designed for a boiler shell.…
  9. A column of length l is fixed at both ends. The equivalent length of the column is
  10. For maximum power, the velocity of the belt will be
  11. Which of the following statement is correct?
  12. In a marine flange coupling, the thickness of flange is taken as
  13. The ultimate strength of steel in tension in comparison to shear is in the ratio of
  14. The toughness of a material _________ when it is heated
  15. In a horizontal flat belt drive, it is customary to use
  16. The relation between the pitch of the chain (p) and pitch circle diameter of the sprocket (D) is given…
  17. Transverse fillet welded joints are designed for
  18. The resilience of a bolt may be increased by
  19. The design of the pressure vessel is based on
  20. The ball bearings are provided with a cage
  21. The stress in the threaded part of the bolt will be __________ as compared to the shank.
  22. Buttress threads are usually found on
  23. A sliding bearing which can support steady loads without any relative motion between the journal and…
  24. The property of a material which enables it to be drawn into wires with the application of a tensile…
  25. The deflection of a cantilever beam under load W is 8. If its width is halved, then the deflection under…
  26. The maximum bending stress in a curved beam having symmetrical section always occur at the
  27. A tube has the following advantage over pipe
  28. A thin spherical shell of internal diameter d is subjected to an internal pressure p. If V is the storage…
  29. When the connected members are very yielding (soft gasket) as compared to the bolt, then the resultant…
  30. In order to ensure self locking in a screw jack, it is essential that helix angle is __________ friction…