The maximum strength of the Lok Sabha is

A. 500

B. 525

C. 542

D. 552

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  1. Into how many parts the constitution of India divided
  2. Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India ?
  3. Who among the following is the Chairman of the Steering Committee to oversee the functions of the National…
  4. The defeat of Government in Rajya Sabha leads to
  5. The Supreme Court consists of a Chief Justice and
  6. Aristotle, the father or Political Science, believed that the State continues to exist for the sake…
  7. Judiciary is one of three branches of modern governments. In some governments the principle of judicial…
  8. Which of the following states/union territories has a Legislative Assembly consisting of only 30 members…
  9. Rajya Sabha can delay the Finance Bill sent for its consideration by the Lok Sabha for a maximum period…
  10. The Finance Commission is premarily Concerned with recommending to the president about
  11. When did the United Nations Organization come into existence ?
  12. The total number of fundamental duties mentioned is the constitution of India now is
  13. Which one of the following Indian states does not keep its own High Court ?
  14. Which of the following constitution Amendment Acts seeks that the size of the Councils of Ministers…
  15. Who has been the only Lok Sabha Speaker to have become the President of India ?
  16. The President of India can nominate to the Rajya Sabha
  17. The constitution of india was adopted by the
  18. To be eligible for election as President of India a person must have completed the age of
  19. Who was the president of the Constituent Assembly
  20. The members of the Constituent Assembly were
  21. The Comptroller and Auditor General is appointed by the President. He can be remvoed
  22. The Fundamental Rights in our Constitution are inspired by the Constitution of
  23. The ultimate authority according to the preamble of the Indian constitution vests in
  24. The Constituent Assembly which framed the constitution for Independent India was set up in
  25. Panchyati Raj is organised at the
  26. Indian constitution contains
  27. Setting up of which one of the following is not stated in the constitution of India ?
  28. Consider the following statements 1. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India can be removed only…
  29. The right to vote in elections to a Parliament is a
  30. Vote on Account is a grant voted/passed by Parliament