The mechanism consisting of three turning pairs and one sliding pair, is called a

A. Single slider crank chain

B. Whitworth quick return motion mechanism

C. Crank and slotted lever quick return motion mechanism

D. All of the above

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  1. In elliptical trammels
  2. The acceleration of a particle at any instant has two components i.e. radial component and tangential…
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  4. At the nodal point in a shaft, the amplitude for torsional vibration will be
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  6. The two elements of a pair are said to form a higher pair, when they
  7. The velocity of sliding __________ the distance of the point of contact from the pitch point.
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  10. Which is the false statement about the properties of instantaneous centre?
  11. The acceleration of the particle moving with simple harmonic motion is _________ at the mean position.
  12. The Coriolis component of acceleration acts
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  15. The velocity of any point in mechanism relative to any other point on the mechanism on velocity polygon…
  16. When the two elements of a pair have __________ when in motion, it is said to a lower pair.
  17. Which of the following statements regarding laws governing the friction between dry surfaces are correct?
  18. The pitching of a ship produces forces on the bearings which act __________ to the motion of the ship.
  19. When a slider moves on a fixed link having curved surface, their instantaneous centre lies
  20. Elements of pairs held together mechanically is known as
  21. The frictional torque transmitted by a cone clutch is same as that of
  22. The Whitworth quick return motion mechanism is formed in a slider crank chain when the
  23. Which of the following mechanisms produces mathematically an exact straight line motion?
  24. The lower pairs are __________ pairs.
  25. Sense of tangential acceleration of a link
  26. The mechanism consisting of three turning pairs and one sliding pair, is called a
  27. When the crank is at the outer dead centre, in a reciprocating steam engine, then the acceleration of…
  28. The driving and driven shafts connected by a Hooke's joint will have equal speeds, if
  29. In a cone pulley, if the sum of radii of the pulleys on the driving and driven shafts is Constant, then
  30. The indicator using Watt mechanism is known as