The metal disks, which are permanently housed in, sealed and contamination free containers are called

A. Hard disks

B. Floppy disk

C. Winchester disk

D. Flexible disk

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  1. In 1830, Charles Babbage designed a machine called the Analytical Engine which he showed at the Paris…
  2. What is meant by a dedicated computer?
  3. Which output device is used for translating information from a computer into pictorial form on paper.
  4. People often call ______ as the brain of computer system
  5. What is a brand?
  6. Which of the following file organization is most efficient for a file with a high degree of file activity?
  7. Data division is the third division of a _____ program.
  8. Excessive parallel processing is related to
  9. Which programming language is based on Algol 60.
  10. In what respect human beings are superior to computers?
  11. What do you call the translator which takes assembly language program as input & produce machine language…
  12. MICR stands for
  13. Who designed the first electronics computer ? ENIAC/
  14. When was Pascaline invented?
  15. One computer that is not considered a portable is
  16. Which of the following is a read only memory storage device?
  17. Computer operators
  18. A computer program that converts an entire program into machine language at one time is called a/ an
  19. Instruction in computer languages consists of
  20. Why ABC computer is called so?
  21. From which generation operating systems were developed?
  22. UNIVAC was a first generation computer. What is its full form?
  23. The common name for the crime of stealing passwords is:
  24. A set of rods where numbers were carved and used for multiplication and division aids is known as
  25. An index register that is automatically incremented or decremented with each use is
  26. Which of the following produces the best quality graphics reproduction?
  27. The qualitative or quantitative attribute of a variable or set of variables is termed as
  28. Which one is the largest space?
  29. Nepal brought a computer for census of 2028 BS. This computer was of
  30. Computer system comprises of major units