The metal suitable for bearings subjected to heavy loads is

A. White metal

B. Silicon bronze

C. Monel metal

D. Phosphor bronze

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  1. If a load W is applied instantaneously on a bar; Then the stress induced in bar will
  2. When compared to the rod of the same diameter and material, a wire rope
  3. The helix angle for double helical gears may be made up to
  4. The period during which the cam follower remains at rest, when cam moves, is known as
  5. The pitch of threads on a Jock nut in comparison to pitch of nut is
  6. A screw is said to be over hauling screw, if the
  7. In helical gears, the distance between similar faces of adjacent teeth along a helix on the pitch cylinders…
  8. Endurance limit or fatigue limit is the maximum stress that a member can withstand for an infinite number…
  9. The process which improves the machinability of steels, but lowers the hardness and tensile strength…
  10. In case of pressure vessels having closed ends, the fluid pressure induces
  11. The resilience of a bolt may be increased by
  12. When a bolt is subjected to shock loading, the resilience of the bolt should be considered in order…
  13. Which of the following formula is used in designing a connecting rod?
  14. The suitable material for belt used in flour mill is
  15. Which of the following pipe joints would be suitable for pipes carrying steam?
  16. A sliding bearing which operates without any lubricant present, is called
  17. The rolling contact bearings as compared to sliding contact bearings have
  18. The contact ratio for gears is
  19. The size of a gear is usually specified by
  20. According to Indian standard specifications, 100 H6/g5 means that the
  21. In a journal bearing, the load on the bearing is __________ to the axis of the journal.
  22. In a partial journal bearing, the angle of contact of the bearing with the journal is
  23. Which of the following statement is wrong for a connecting rod?
  24. The steel pulleys are __________ in weight than cast iron pulleys of the same capacity.
  25. A screw is said to be a self locking screw, if its efficiency is
  26. In a belt drive, if the pulley diameter is doubled keeping the tension and belt width constant, then…
  27. The toughness of a material _________ when it is heated
  28. A universal coupling is used to connect two shafts
  29. For same pulley diameters, center distance, belt speed and belt and pulley materials,
  30. A tapered key which fits in a key-way in the hub and is flat on the shaft, is known as