The minimum velocity required by a satellite to escape earth's gravitational pull is

A. 18 km/s

B. 11.2 km /s

C. 21 km/s

D. 35 km/s

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  1. Frictional force acts in
  2. Nichrome is used in electric heaters and irons because
  3. At temperature near OK, (zero kelvin) metals such as lead and tin become
  4. When a body is projected upwards
  5. To concentrate light on the defective teeth, the dentists use
  6. Echoes are produced by
  7. The earth's nearest neighbour in space is
  8. Separating particles from a suspension is effected by
  9. Mercury does not stick to glass because
  10. The frequency of an ultrasonic wave is
  11. The speed of light is minimum while passing through
  12. When two similar sources vibrate with slightly different frequencies, a regular rise and fall occurs…
  13. The colour of the light which travels through glass with minimum speed is
  14. The study of astronomy include a
  15. The instrument used to measure the strength of electric current at a point is
  16. Warm air will hold more water vapour than cold air because
  17. A solar eclipse occurs when the earth, the sun and the moon are in a straight line, and
  18. One finds it more difficult to walk on ice than on a concrete road because
  19. A bullet is fired at a certain angle with the horizontal. Its path will be
  20. The overhead wires supported by high towers in the grid system carry
  21. For detecting and, testing of small electric charges we use
  22. The period of a geostationary (synchronous) satellite orbiting the earth over the equator la
  23. In a longitudinal wave, the direction of propagation of the wave is
  24. The light from the star nearest to the sun reaches the earth in
  25. Two tumblers stuck together can be separated by
  26. Where does the centre of gravity of a rubber ring lie?
  27. A small bubble of air deep down in a lake rises up to the top of the lake. The volume of the bubble…
  28. Pieces of camphor placed on water move about rapidly. This is because of
  29. The electrical domestic tube light gives white fiourescent light because of
  30. Cosmic rays contain