The most commonly used moderator in nuclear power plants is

A. Graphite

B. Light water

C. Heavy water

D. Beryllium

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  1. A reduction in thermal resistance during heat transfer does not occur in the
  2. The co-ordination number in simple cubic structure is
  3. __________ stress cannot be sustained by a fluid in equilibrium.
  4. While the thermosetting polymers are amorphous in nature, the thermoplastic polymers are either amorphous…
  5. Pick out the wrong statement about the machinability of metals. Machinability of a metal
  6. In extrusion of metals, which of the following statement is true?
  7. Which of the following materials has the poorest electrical conductivity?
  8. An ideal material for making cooking vessels should have
  9. Faraday's law of electrolysis is related to the
  10. Good design of the casing of a centrifugal pump aims at minimising the
  11. Out of the following substances, one ton of __________ will store the maximum heat for a rise of 30°C…
  12. Basic open hearth furnace (BOF) is not used for producing __________ steel.
  13. Name the safety device used to protect the boiler, when the water level falls below a minimum level.
  14. Quartz is a __________ material.
  15. Steel containing low percentage of nickel, chromium & tungsten are termed as the __________ steel.
  16. Resistance of an electrical conductor is proportional to its (where, l = length and A = cross-sectional…
  17. The fugacity of liquid water at 298 K is approximately 3171 Pa. Considering the ideal heat of vaporisation…
  18. For a thermodynamic system undergoing a process, which of the following pairs best expresses the relationship…
  19. What is the range of tempering temperature (°C) for most of the materials?
  20. Metal shots used in shot blasting are made of
  21. Corona discharge is related to the operation of a/an
  22. The kinematic viscosity (in stoke) and the absolute/dynamic viscosity (in poise) are the same for __________…
  23. If Reynolds number is greater than 1, then the
  24. Dislocation cross-slip is difficult in those materials, which have
  25. In electrical resistance welding, distortion results from the use of improper
  26. Gage pressure within a spherical droplet of a fluid is 'p'. What will be gage pressure within a bubble…
  27. __________ is the hardest material out of the following.
  28. Isotropic materials have the same __________ in all directions.
  29. Which of the following contributes maximum as main source of sulphur in the blast furnace charge?
  30. Volume of blast furnace slag is about __________ times the volume of hot metal (pig iron) of the same…