The most suitable material for die casting is

A. Iron

B. Copper

C. Steel

D. Nickel

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  1. Lead is poured into the joint between two- __________ pipes.
  2. The usual energy consumption in electric arc furnace steel making is __________ KWh/ton of steel.
  3. Unbreakable crockeries are made from __________ polymers.
  4. Which of the following is not an ore of copper?
  5. The critical pressure at which the latent heat of vaporisation of steam becomes zero is __________ Kg/cm2.
  6. Non-ferrous alloys used for making cutting tools need not have high
  7. Which of the following processes follows the hardening process for reducing the hardening strains &…
  8. A fluid is termed as the Newtonian fluid, when the shear stress is __________ the velocity gradient.
  9. Air-petrol ratio for maximum power generation in spark ignition engine is about
  10. A 2 kg object weighs 1.8 kgf on a spring balance. The value of 'g' at that location in m/sec2 is
  11. Dew point temperature always gives an indication of the __________ of the moist air.
  12. Oxide layer formed on the non-ferrous metal surface after its annealing is
  13. Specific gravity of a metal, which weighs 5 kg in air and 4 kg when submerged in water, will be
  14. Which of the, following is not associated with the functioning of a petrol engine?
  15. Which of the following approaches the ideal gas behaviour most closely?
  16. Compressed dry air is used as the cutting fluid, while machining
  17. The elastic strain in copper is due to the
  18. Which of the following is used to produce draught in the locomotive boilers?
  19. Increase in temperature, in general results in the
  20. Metal shots used in shot blasting are made of
  21. Which of the following varies as the square root of oil pressure during atomisation of fuel oil through…
  22. A thin, flat & square plate measuring 2 m × 2 m is freely hanging in ambient air at 25°C.…
  23. Cobalt - 60 is used as a source of __________ in medical therapy & industrial radiography.
  24. Normalising does not __________ of a metal.
  25. Pipelines carrying various utilities in chemical industries are identified by their colour codes. The…
  26. In connection with corrosion of metals, passivation is the process that
  27. A material subjected __________ must have high resilience.
  28. __________ is not used as a material of construction in thermocouples.
  29. Percentage of argon (by volume) in dry atmospheric air is about
  30. Vibration upto 100 kilo hertz can be most accurately measured by a __________ type accelerometer.