The motion between a pair when limited to a definite direction, irrespective of the direction of force applied, is known as

A. Completely constrained motion

B. Incompletely constrained motion

C. Successfully constrained motion

D. None of these

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  1. If the pressure angle is __________, a reciprocating follower will jam in its bearings.
  2. In a single slider crank chain
  3. The brake commonly used in railway trains is
  4. Idler pulley is used
  5. The frictional torque transmitted in a conical pivot bearing with assumption of uniform pressure is…
  6. Balancing of rotating and reciprocating parts of an engine is necessary when it runs at
  7. The dedendum circle diameter is equal to (where, φ = Pressure angle)
  8. The example of successfully constrained motion is a
  9. When a ship travels in a sea, which of the effect is more dangerous
  10. The inversion of a mechanism is
  11. A body of weight W is required to move up the rough inclined plane whose angle of inclination with the…
  12. In the two rotor system as shown in the below figure (I₁ < I₂), a node of vibration is…
  13. In involute gears, the pressure angle is
  14. The effort of a Porter governor is equal to (where c = Percentage increase in speed, m = Mass of ball,…
  15. Which of the following statement is correct?
  16. In a simple harmonic motion, the velocity vector with respect to displacement vector
  17. A shaft carrying two rotors at its ends will have
  18. Which of the following statement is correct?
  19. The static friction
  20. The efficiency of a screw jack is maximum, when (where α = Helix angle, and φ = Angle of friction)
  21. For the brake to be self locking, the force P at C shown in the below figure, should
  22. The contact ratio is the ratio of
  23. The unbalanced force due to reciprocating masses
  24. The swaying couple is maximum or minimum when the angle of inclination of the crank to the line of stroke…
  25. When the relation between the controlling force (Fc) and radius of rotation (r) for a spring controlled…
  26. 3.The retardation of a flat faced follower when it has contact at the apex of the nose of a circular…
  27. There are six gears A, B, C, D, E and F in a compound train. The numbers of teeth in the gears are 20,…
  28. The arrangement is called bevel gearing, when two __________ are connected by gears.
  29. The ratio of the driving tensions for V-belts is __________ times that of flat belts. (Where β…
  30. The contact ratio for gears is