The name services of DCE include ________

A. the Cell Directory Service

B. the Global Directory Service

C. the Global Directory Agent

D. A,B and C

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  1. A shared memory segment first needs to be allocated (create, using the__________ system call.
  2. In ________________________ each node periodically sends a message to the time server.
  3. __ is the program run on a computer when the computer boots up
  4. __________ deals with when a modified page should be written out to secondary memory.
  5. The usual su command syntax is
  6. A sequence of instructions telling the computer what to do is called a_____________
  7. Which of the following is suitable after you install new drivers?
  8. A process control block contains varies attributes required by _____________ to control a process.
  9. In the case of____________, message remains in the senders address space until the receiver executes…
  10. Which components appear in the initial Windows start up display?
  11. ____ runs on a computer hardware and serves as a platform for other system to run on
  12. Creation of a semaphore set is done using the _______system call.
  13. An unauthorized party inserts counterfeit objects into the system is called_________________
  14. The command used to create logical drive for specific location of disk
  15. Wiretapping to capture data in a network is an example of ________________
  16. Which one of the following statements is true?
  17. Bootstrapping is also known as ______
  18. Pick the wrong statement from the following.
  19. _____________typically contains temporary data such as subroutine parameter, return address, and temporary…
  20. You can use print manage window
  21. The name services of DCE include ________
  22. A process is already split into pieces, called________________.
  23. In case of ________________the server automatically copies files to other servers after the files are…
  24. Fsck conducts a check in _____ phases
  25. The algorithm should be scalable i.e. _____________.
  26. A process is ____________________
  27. ___________variable is not automatically created on all UNIX systems but is used by so many programs…
  28. The problem with logical dumping is ________________
  29. When copying more than one file at a time, you must specify an existing directory as the ___________
  30. _____________ manage the name spaces and binds an object to its location.