The number of sellers in oligopoly is:

A. Two

B. One

C. Very large

D. A few

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  1. In 1890, Principles of Economics was written by:
  2. If the demand for good is less elastic and government levied a tax per unit of output, the price per…
  3. MC = MR = AC = AR shows the long run equilibrium position of the:
  4. The real income of a consumer is income in terms of:
  5. Because the price elasticity of demand for OPEC oil is approximately .08, in order to increase revenues…
  6. Market allocation fundamentally relies upon:
  7. If there are many producers, each of whom has an individual production possibility curve, then the lowest…
  8. Marginal cost is found with the help of changes in:
  9. If the price of Pepsi Cola goes down, you would predict:
  10. An optimum level of a firms output is:
  11. For the given production function, technical inefficiency is defined as:
  12. The demand of the luxuries is:
  13. The central problem of economics is:
  14. Change in quantity demanded refers to:
  15. Economics define technology as:
  16. Cross-elasticity of demand or cross-price elasticity between two independent goods will be:
  17. In monopolistic competition, the firm take advantage due to customers:
  18. The modern cost curves are based upon the idea of:
  19. Who is the founder of classical school of thought?
  20. The firms in non-cooperative games:
  21. The optimal strategy for a player is termed as:
  22. The effects according to which people use those goods which are concerned with distinctive standard…
  23. According to marginalistic rule, the profit maximization hypothesis requires:
  24. Elasticity (E) expressed by the term, 8 >E>1, is:
  25. The critics of Sweezy model say that kink generates:
  26. If a straight line supply curve passes through the point of origin O, the elasticity of supply is:
  27. Conditions of perfect competition ensure:
  28. In general, most of the production functions measure:
  29. The good will highest income elasticity is:
  30. The giffen paradox is an exception to law of: