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  1. Income effect operates through an increase
  2. MC is given by:
  3. Identify the work of T.W.Schultz:
  4. The amount of income left over for a consumer in equilibrium is :
  5. In finding equilibrium position of a profitmaximizing firm, which technique is most convenient?
  6. If there are many producers, each of whom has an individual production possibility curve, then the lowest…
  7. In the case of an inferior commodity, the income-elasticity of demand is:
  8. If as a result of a decrease in price, total outlay (expenditures) on a commodity increases, its price-elasticity…
  9. Marginal utility is only meant for:
  10. Regarding economic decisions, economics of uncertainty identifies:
  11. Cartel is associated with:
  12. Which of the following is not a property of indifference curve?
  13. Marginal revenue from a given output:
  14. Variable cost includes the cost of:
  15. The entry of new firms in cournot model is:
  16. 7.The costs which the firms have to face in order to change the price tags of their products and services…
  17. The budget-line is also known as the:
  18. In microeconomics, we study:
  19. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a perfectly competitive market?
  20. In modern theory, LAC = LMC after the attainment of:
  21. We get constant returns to scale when:
  22. Total variable cost curve:
  23. When the demand curve is rectangular hyperbola, it represents:
  24. If production increases under increasing returns to scale, the cost will:
  25. The main contribution of Adam Smith is in the field of:
  26. In case of monopoly, TR curve rises at a:
  27. In the real world, some competitive firms owns specialized resources that earn a return called:
  28. In Revealed Preference Theory, Samuelson proves P.E = S.E + I.E :
  29. In monopolistic competition, the individual demand curve is also known as:
  30. From the resource allocation view point, perfect competition is preferable because: