The number of sellers in oligopoly is:

A. Two

B. One

C. Very large

D. A few

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  1. In case the two commodities are complements, cross elasticity will be:
  2. The utility function u = f(x) is based upon :
  3. If the commodities X and Y are perfect complements then:
  4. If less is demanded at the same price or same quantity demanded at a lower price, it is a case of:
  5. If in the long run, output increases in the same proportion as increase in all the input in the given…
  6. Capital and Development Planning is the work of:
  7. Price is measured in:
  8. The Tit for Tat strategy means cooperation by the 2nd firm if:
  9. From the resource allocation view point, perfect competition is preferable because:
  10. The difference between accounting profits and economic profits is:
  11. With elasticity of demand, the:
  12. Supply and demand changes have their most rapid impact in:
  13. In terms of price, the indirect utility function may be:
  14. The production possibility curve (PPC) is concerned with:
  15. Discriminating monopoly implies that the monopolist charges different prices for his commodity:
  16. Production indifference curve (isoquant) is a curve which shows:
  17. Efficient allocation of resources is likely to be achieved under:
  18. If a new production technology for producing compact discs is developed and new firms are attracted…
  19. In economic term water is a:
  20. When total revenue (TR) falls in monopoly then elasticity of demand is:
  21. A normal profit is:
  22. A maximin strategy:
  23. The Law of Proportionality is another name of:
  24. If by doubling all inputs in the long run output is less than double, it is a case of:
  25. The indirect utility function is a homogeneous function of:
  26. Identify the author of The Affluent Society?
  27. A price is a ratio of exchange between:
  28. In monopolistic competition (also in kinked demand curve model), a firm sells the amount where:
  29. Under pure monopoly, there will be:
  30. The main contribution of Prof.Robbins is in the field of:

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