The operation of producing grooves around the periphery of a cylindrical or conical workpiece is called

A. Profile milling

B. Gang milling

C. Saw milling

D. Helical milling

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  1. A hole is of dimension φ = 9 ₊0⁺⁰⁰¹⁵ mm. The corresponding…
  2. The effect of setting a boring tool above centre height leads to
  3. The usual value of the point angle of a drill is
  4. The crystal structure of austenite is
  5. The angle on which the strength of the tool depends is
  6. In order to grind soft material
  7. If the diameter of the hole is subject to considerable variation, then for locating in jigs and fixtures,…
  8. A feed gear box for a screw cutting lathe is designed on the basis of
  9. Low helix angle drills are preferred for drilling holes in
  10. The shear velocity is the velocity of
  11. Match the following metal forming processes with their associated stresses in the work piece. Metal…
  12. The enlarging of an existing circular hole with a rotating single point tool is called
  13. Which of the following parameters govern the value of shear angle in continuous chip formation?
  14. The advantage of a broaching operation is that
  15. A jig is defined as a device which
  16. In order to prevent tool from rubbing the work _________ on tools are provided.
  17. Drilling is an example of
  18. The type of tool used on lathe, shaper and planer is
  19. In determining the various forces on the chip, Merchant assumed that the
  20. Soft materials can not be economically ground due to
  21. An open structure of a grinding wheel is used for
  22. In a planer
  23. Ceramic tools are fixed to tool body by
  24. The relief or clearance at the cutting edge of a flat drill varies from
  25. When the shear angle is small
  26. The abrasive recommended for grinding materials of high tensile strength is
  27. What is the method of brazing used to join relatively small assemblies made from materials that either…
  28. The negative rake is usually provided on
  29. A dynamometer is a device used for the measurement of
  30. In a shaper