The oxygen cylinder is usually painted with

A. Black colour

B. White colour

C. Maroon colour

D. Yellow colour

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  1. The surface to be left unmachined is marked on the pattern by
  2. The cold working of metals is carried out
  3. During hot working of metals
  4. A ring gauge is used to
  5. The algebraic difference between the maximum limit and the basic size is called
  6. In a cold chamber die casting machine
  7. The consumable electrode is used in
  8. In order to produce uniform packing of sand in the moulds, a __________ is used.
  9. The purpose of a riser is to
  10. In sheet metal blanking, shear is provided on punches and dies so that
  11. The temperature produced by oxy-hydrogen flame is about
  12. The operation of cutting a sheet of metal in a straight line along the length, is known as
  13. In order to deliver molten metal from pouring basin to gate, a ________ is used.
  14. When the file is moved to and fro over the work, it is known as
  15. The electron beam welding can be carried out in
  16. The process extensively used for making bolts and nuts is
  17. In electric resistance welding, pressure applied varies from
  18. For smoothing and cleaning out depressions in the mould, a __________ is used.
  19. Loam sand is a mixture of
  20. In a simple die
  21. A jolt machine is used to
  22. The advantage of Thermit welding is that
  23. The process of increasing the cross-section of a bar at the expense of its length, is called
  24. Which one of the following material will require the largest size of riser for the same size of casting?
  25. The increase in hardness due to cold working, is called
  26. The machining allowance provided on patterns depends upon
  27. Tandem drawing of wires and tubes is necessary because
  28. Cores are used to
  29. Lancing is the operation of
  30. A progressive limit gauge has