The part of the human brain concerned with sight is the

A. Frontal lobe

B. Parietal lobe

C. Temporal lobe

D. Occipital lobe

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  1. Biological control is to check growth of
  2. The heart of the human embryo starts beating in the _____ week of its development.
  3. Athlete's Coot is the common name for the fungal disease
  4. Which among, the following is a solid lubricant?
  5. The hormone secreted when one is frightened or excited
  6. The energy for the sperm to swim and reach the egg is provided by
  7. The rate of heartbeat is accelerated by the hormone
  8. The waste product In the urine of man is
  9. The small pox vaccine was discovered by
  10. Haemoglobin is dissolved in the plasma of
  11. The insects do not have blood pigments because
  12. The metallic part of haemoglobin is
  13. Edward Jenner to find out the efficacy of vaccination used
  14. Who was the first scientist/doctor who attempted vaccination?
  15. Plants growing in sunlight are called
  16. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy refers to
  17. The principal reason why it is better to have two eyes than one is that
  18. Egg laying animals are referred to as
  19. The thrombocytes are associated with
  20. The hormone that is responsible for secondary sexual character in the male is
  21. The disease Goitre is caused in persons who do not have in their diet sufficient
  22. Tuberculosis is caused by
  23. The valve between the right auricle and right ventricle is called
  24. Louis Pasteur developed the vaccine for ______ for the first time.
  25. The specific gravity of blood is
  26. The closing and opening of the leaves of Mimosa pudica (Touch me not) plant is due to _______ movement.
  27. The science dealing with diseases of plants is called
  28. Genes are arranged in chromosomes
  29. Phototropism means that plants react to the direction of
  30. The hypothesis that living matter originated in the past from non-living matter is supported by