The passage between the nozzle and the __________ is called 'sprue' in case of injection moulding.

A. Runner

B. Cylinder

C. Mold

D. None of these

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  1. Function of gear box is to
  2. The joint for soldering is supported by binding wire made of
  3. In __________ process, there is an increase in entropy with no degradation of energy.
  4. Ammonia gas can be dried by
  5. Latent heat of dry steam at atmospheric pressure is 539 Kcal/kg; which __________ with increase in the…
  6. Secondary hardening in steels arises out of the
  7. A common disinfectant used in village wells for disinfection of water is
  8. Case hardening of a material is
  9. Addition of __________ to steel does not help in improving its machinability.
  10. Which of the following materials has the poorest electrical conductivity?
  11. A thin, flat & square plate measuring 2 m × 2 m is freely hanging in ambient air at 25°C.…
  12. Minimum safe distance between two liquid fuel storage tanks is equal to (where, H = height of the tank)
  13. When the wet steam is throttled but still remains wet at the exit of the throttle valve, then its temperature…
  14. Surface tension of a liquid
  15. Titanium is added to molten aluminium alloys before casting for the purpose of
  16. Pick out the wrong statement.
  17. 'Amortization' in respect of financial obligation of a company means the
  18. Compressed dry air is used as the cutting fluid, while machining
  19. Glass reacts with
  20. Pick out the wrong statement.
  21. Fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) are
  22. Thermit welding uses the following energy source.
  23. At absolute zero temperature, for any reaction involving condensed phases
  24. Tesla metre per ampere (T. m/A) is the unit for the measurement of
  25. Blast furnace slag is mainly molten
  26. Lead is added to 60:40 brass primarily to improve
  27. Carbide tipped cutting tools are manufactured by powder metallurgy techniques and have a composition…
  28. Isotropic materials have the same __________ in all directions.
  29. Copper deposits are found in India at the following location:
  30. Identify the false statement