The periodic time is given by (where ω = Angular velocity of the particle in rad/s)

A. ω/2π

B. 2π/ω

C. ω × 2π

D. π/ω

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  1. Creep in belt drive is due to
  2. The velocity of a body moving with simple harmonic motion is __________ at the mean position.
  3. The C.G. of a link in any mechanism would experience
  4. Angle of descent of cam is defined as the angle
  5. Relationship between the number of links (L) and number of pairs (P) is
  6. A slider moves at a velocity v on a link revolving at ω rad/s. The coriolis component of acceleration…
  7. In a locomotive, the maximum magnitude of the unbalanced force along the perpendicular to the line of…
  8. The instantaneous centres which vary with the configuration of mechanism are called
  9. In a locomotive, the resultant unbalanced force due to the two cylinders along the line of stroke, is…
  10. When the crank is at the inner dead centre, in a reciprocating steam engine, then the acceleration of…
  11. The centre of gravity of a coupler link in a four bar mechanism will experience
  12. In a reciprocating steam engine, when the crank has turned from inner dead centre through an angle θ,…
  13. Which gear is used for connecting two coplanar and intersecting shafts?
  14. Which of the following is an inversion of a single slider crank chain?
  15. The Scott-Russell mechanism consists of
  16. The frictional torque transmitted by a disc or plate clutch is same as that of
  17. Two heavy rotating masses are connected by shafts of lengths l₁, l₂ and l₃ and…
  18. When brakes are applied to all the four wheels of a moving car, the distance travelled by the car before…
  19. The absolute acceleration of any point P in a link about center of rotation O is
  20. In a steam engine, the earlier cut-off with a simple slide valve may be obtained by increasing the steam…
  21. Flexible coupling is used because
  22. The secondary unbalanced force is maximum __________ in one revolution of the crank.
  23. The primary unbalanced force due to inertia of reciprocating parts in a reciprocating engine is given…
  24. Two pulleys of radii r₁ and r₂ and at distance x apart are connected by means of an open…
  25. The engine of an aeroplane rotates in clockwise direction when seen from the tail end and the aeroplane…
  26. Angular acceleration of a link can be determined by dividing the
  27. When a ship travels in a sea, which of the effect is more dangerous
  28. When a body is subjected to transverse vibrations, the stress induced in a body will be
  29. Which one of the following is an exact straight line mechanism using lower pairs?
  30. Longitudinal vibrations are said to occur when the particles of a body moves