The piston rod of a steam engine is usually connected to the crosshead by means of

A. Bolted joint

B. Knuckle joint

C. Cotter joint

D. Universal joint

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  1. For tight leakage joints, following type of thread is best suited
  2. Shear stress theory is applicable for
  3. Castle nut is a locking device in which
  4. In a multiple V-belt drive, if one of the belts break, then
  5. Fibrous fracture occurs in
  6. If a material fails below its yield point, failure would be due to
  7. In order to have a connecting rod equally strong in buckling about X-axis and Y-axis, the moment of…
  8. A triple riveted butt joint with double straps of unequal width is to be designed for a boiler shell.…
  9. Coaxing is the procedure of increasing
  10. The speed of the sprocket reduces as the chain pitch __________ for a given number of teeth.
  11. Two rigid plates are clamped by means of bolt and nut with an initial force F. After tightening, a separating…
  12. When a material is subjected to fatigue loading, the ratio of the endurance limit to the ultimate tensile…
  13. The constant factor in case of R10 series of preferred numbers is
  14. The distribution of the forces along the length of key fitted in a shaft
  15. In radial bearings, the load acts __________ to the axis of rotation.
  16. For longitudinal joint in boilers, the type of joint used is
  17. In helical gears, the distance parallel to the axis, between similar faces of adjacent teeth, is called
  18. The shock absorbing capacity of a bolt may be increased by
  19. In V-belt drive, belt touches
  20. The rolling contact bearings are known as
  21. A connecting rod is designed as a
  22. In hydrodynamic bearings
  23. A tapered key which fits in a key way in the hub and the bottom of which is shaped to fit the curved…
  24. For high speed engines, the cam follower should move with
  25. Oldham coupling is used to connect two shafts
  26. The backlash for spur gears depends upon
  27. When the fulcrum is in between the load and effort, the lever is said to be of
  28. Which of the following coupling is used to connect two shafts which have both lateral and angular misalignment?
  29. When a belt drive is transmitting maximum power,
  30. A bolt of uniform strength can be developed by