The power factor of a certain circuit in which the voltage lags behind the current is 80 %. To increase the power to 100 %a it is necessary to add ___ to the circuit.

A. Inductance

B. Capacitance

C. Resistance

D. Impedance

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  1. If a capacitor is rated for 200V dca what is its effective ac working voltage?
  2. VL= VCin a series RLCcircuit when
  3. Which of the statements below is not true?
  4. Rationalizing the denominator of a complex number means
  5. Series resonance occurs when
  6. The internal resistance of an ideal voltage source is
  7. With double the number of turns by the same length and areaa the inductance is
  8. At what frequency will the current in a series RLCcircuit reach its maximum value for an applied voltage…
  9. Of the equivalent combination of unitsa which one is not equal to watt?
  10. If three 100-pF capacitors are connected in seriesa then the total capacitance is
  11. The internal resistance of an ideal current source is
  12. An inductance of 1 mH is
  13. What is the efficiency under the conditions of maximum power transfer?
  14. When two in-phase sine waves that have identical frequency and amplitude are added togethera then the…
  15. If an emf in circuit A produces a current in circuit Ba then the same emf in circuit Bproduces the same…
  16. The rms value of a triangular or sawtooth waveform is ___ tim value.
  17. Capacitance increase with
  18. What theorem is usually used in the analysis of transistor circuit?
  19. The voltage lags the current by cycle in a
  20. The Q-factor of a series resonant circuit is also known as
  21. In a series RLCcircuit
  22. When voltage is applied across a ceramic dielectric the electrostatic field p roduced is 50 times greater…
  23. If the output resistance of a voltage source is 4 a it internal resistance should be
  24. In an ac circuit with a resistive branch and an inductive branch in parallela the
  25. For series capacitorsa total charge is
  26. At what frequency will an inductor of 5mH have the same reactance as a capacitor of 0.1 F?
  27. When resistance are connected in parallela the total resistance is
  28. What is considered as the most important value of a sine wave?
  29. Which of the following dielectric materials makes the highest-capacitance capacitor?
  30. The presence of an electric current is made known by