The presence of impurities

A. lowers the melting point of ice

B. raises the melting point of ice

C. has no effect on the melting point of ice

D. may lower or raise the melting point depending upon the type of impurities

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  1. In a river, the currents are fastest where the river la
  2. The heat generated in a conductor carrying current is proportional to
  3. If an object is placed between two parallel plane mirrors, the number of images formed will be
  4. The atmosphere gets heated up mainly by
  5. Stars twinkle because of
  6. The instrument used to measure the strength of electric current at a point is
  7. In an electrical circuit, a fuse is connected
  8. A boat loaded with rocks floats in the middle of a swimming pool. A man in the boat throws the rocks…
  9. Air pressure is usually highest when the air is
  10. Photo-electric cells convert
  11. The electron has a mass equal to
  12. The tiniest of the stars belong to the group known as
  13. Which of the following is known as freon?
  14. In the fuse of an electrical installation blows out
  15. Photoelectric cell is a device which converts
  16. Mercury is used in thermometers because
  17. Cosmic rays contain
  18. In a freezer ice cubes will be formed more quickly in trays made of
  19. In which of the following will a piece of iron weigh most?
  20. Astigmatism, a structural defect of the eye, is due to
  21. The source of electric energy in an artificial satellite is
  22. The image formed by a plane mirror is
  23. The Indian Satellite System used for domestic communications, television and meteorology is known as
  24. Sound waves In 'air travel faster if
  25. The period of a geostationary (synchronous) satellite orbiting the earth over the equator la
  26. A workman was working on a rail track. A young boy at a distance holds his ear close to the railway…
  27. Warm air will hold more water vapour than cold air because
  28. If a body weight 12N on the surface of the earth, how much will it weigh on the surface of the moon…
  29. The stars that shine brightly then dimly and then brightly are known as
  30. A star contains