The pressure at the end of compression in the case of diesel engine is of the order of

A. 6 kg/cm

B. 12 kg/cm

C. 20 kg/cm

D. 35 kg/cm

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  1. In petrol engines, advancing of the spark timing will _________ the knocking tendency.
  2. The air-fuel ratio of the petrol engine is controlled by
  3. In petrol engines, the delay period is of the order of
  4. In a four stroke cycle diesel engine, the exhaust valve
  5. The thermal efficiency of a standard Otto cycle for a compression ratio of 5.5 will be
  6. The cetane (C16H34) which is a straight chain paraffin, is assigned a cetane number of
  7. The higher combustion chamber wall temperature in compression ignition engines will _________ knocking…
  8. The ignition quality of petrol is expressed by
  9. A 75 cc engine has following parameter as 75 cc
  10. The air-fuel ratio in petrol engines is controlled by
  11. Which of the following is the lightest and most volatile liquid fuel?
  12. A fuel of an octane number rating of 75 matches in knocking intensity as a mixture of
  13. The advancing of spark timing in spark ignition engines will _________ knocking tendency.
  14. Compression loss in I.C engines occurs due to
  15. In petrol engine, using a fixed octane rating fuel and fixed compression ratio, supercharging will _________…
  16. The purpose of testing an internal combustion engine is
  17. If the temperature of intake air in internal combustion engine increases, then its efficiency will
  18. The knocking tendency in spark ignition engines may be decreased by
  19. Engine pistons are usually made of aluminium alloy because it
  20. The knock in diesel engine occurs due to
  21. The power actually developed by the engine cylinder of an I.C. engine is known as
  22. The voltage required to produce a spark across the gap, between the sparking points is
  23. The specific fuel consumption per BHP hour for diesel engine is approximately
  24. In a four stroke cycle petrol engine, the pressure inside the engine cylinder during the suction stroke…
  25. The pressure at the end of compression, in petrol engines, is approximately
  26. Which of the following statement is correct regarding normal cetane?
  27. In a diesel engine, the fuel is ignited by
  28. The process of breaking up or a liquid into fine droplets by spraying is called
  29. Which of the following does not relate to a spark ignition engine?
  30. The fuel air ratio in a petrol engine fitted with suction carburettor, operating with dirty air filter…