The principal constituents of a fuel are

A. Carbon and hydrogen

B. Oxygen and hydrogen

C. Sulphur and oxygen

D. Sulphur and hydrogen

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  1. The throttling process is __________ process.
  2. Relation between cp and cv is given by (where cp = Specific heat at constant pressure, cv = Specific…
  3. The value of modulus of elasticity for mild steel is of the order of
  4. Workdone in a free expansion process is
  5. A body is subjected to a direct tensile stress of 300 MPa in one plane accompanied by a simple shear…
  6. The pull required to tear off the plate per pitch length is (where p = Pitch of rivets, t = Thickness…
  7. The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of __________ water through one degree is called…
  8. The heat supplied to the gas at constant volume is (where m = Mass of gas, cv = Specific heat at constant…
  9. The buckling load for a given material depends on
  10. The stress necessary to initiate yielding is
  11. One Joule (J) is equal to
  12. The __________ is obtained when carbonisation of coal is carried out at 500° to 700° C.
  13. The capacity of a strained body for doing work on the removal of the straining force, is called
  14. The ratio of molar specific heats for mono-atomic gas is
  15. The maximum stress produced in a bar of tapering section is at
  16. The assumption made in Euler's column theory is that
  17. An open cycle gas turbine works on
  18. High air-fuel ratio in gas turbines
  19. The maximum shear stress, in the given figure, is equal to __________ of the Mohr's circle.
  20. Which is the incorrect statement about Carnot cycle?
  21. Otto cycle efficiency is higher than Diesel cycle efficiency for the same compression ratio and heat…
  22. A fletched beam is used to
  23. For a beam, as shown in the below figure, the deflection at C is (where E = Young's modulus for the…
  24. In open cycle gas turbine plants
  25. In a free expansion process,
  26. In order to prevent crushing of masonry at the base of the dam, the maximum stress should be __________…
  27. Diamond riveted joint can be adopted in the case of following type of joint
  28. When a bar is subjected to a change of temperature and its deformation is prevented, the stress induced…
  29. The temperature at which the volume of a gas becomes zero is called
  30. Resilience of a material is considered when it is subjected to