The process by which a heavy nucleus is spitted into two light nuclei is known as

A. Splitting

B. Fission

C. Fusion

D. Disintegration

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  1. Breeder reactors employ liquid metal coolant because it
  2. U233 is produced
  3. A power plant giving least running cost of production of electrical power is
  4. The efficiency of a nuclear power plant in comparison to a conventional thermal power plant is
  5. A moderator generally used in nuclear power plants is
  6. Pressurised water reactor is designed
  7. The control rods in the control system of nuclear reactors are used to
  8. The predominant isotope of the naturally occuring element is
  9. The mass number of a substance represents the sum of total number of
  10. U235 will undergo fission by
  11. Ferrite material is
  12. The fuel needed, with reflector in nuclear power plant, in order to generate sufficient neutrons to…
  13. A fast breeder reactor uses following as fuel
  14. In triggering fission, which types of neutrons are more effective?
  15. Reactors for propulsion applications use
  16. The unit of radioactivity is
  17. A pressurised water reactor employs pressurises for the following application
  18. The primary fuel used in nuclear power plants is
  19. Reactors designed for propulsion applications are designed for
  20. The energy produced by a thermal reactor of same size as a breeder reactor is
  21. Breeder reactor has a conversion ratio of
  22. Reflector in nuclear power plants _________ neutron leakage.
  23. The process by which a heavy nucleus is spitted into two light nuclei is known as
  24. Which of the following is more appropriate for a moderator? One which
  25. A nuclear reactor is said to be critical when the neutron population in the reactor core is
  26. The presence of reflector in nuclear power plants results in
  27. In nuclear fission each neutron that causes fission releases
  28. Pick up the wrong statement fast breeder reactors
  29. In order to have constant chain reaction to produce a constant rate of heat output, the value of ratio…
  30. The energy required to be applied to a radioactive nucleus for the emission of a neutron is