The radius of a dished head is taken approximately as

A. One fourth

B. Half

C. One

D. Two

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  1. The temperature of flue gases at air heater outlet should be
  2. Water at pressure of 4 kg/cm² and 160°C temperature when exposed to atmosphere will
  3. The diameter of fire tubes in Cochran boiler is of the order of
  4. Which of the following statement is correct?
  5. A steam turbine, in which a part of the steam after partial expansion, is used for process heating and…
  6. In water wall furnace, the heat is transferred to the water walls by
  7. During polytropic process
  8. The length of Lancashire boiler varies from
  9. Thermal efficiency of well maintained boiler will be of the order
  10. In which of the following boilers, the draught in furnace is increased by utilising exhaust steam from…
  11. The efficiency of reaction turbine is maximum when (where α = Angle made by the absolute velocity…
  12. In a Woolf type compound engine, the high pressure and low pressure cylinders
  13. A throttle governed steam engine develops 15 kW with 280 kg per hour of steam and 35 kW with 520 kg…
  14. The velocity of steam leaving the nozzle (V) is given by (where K = Nozzle coefficient or nozzle efficiency,…
  15. When the total heat of steam is h kJ/kg and the sensible heat of feed water is hf1 kJ/kg, then the factor…
  16. A compound steam engine in which piston rods of high pressure and low pressure cylinders ' are attached…
  17. The ratio of the actual vacuum to the ideal vacuum in a condenser is called
  18. Proximate analysis of fuel is determination of percentage of
  19. The average value of diagram factor lies between
  20. The reheat factor depends upon
  21. In order to reduce the rotor speed of an impulse turbine, the method employed is
  22. Equivalent evaporation of water is the evaporation for a feed water supply at 100°C
  23. The principal function of a stop valve is to
  24. In an impulse reaction turbine, the pressure drops gradually and continuously over
  25. Willian's law states that the steam consumption per hour provided with a throttled governor is proportional…
  26. In an experiment to determine dryness fraction of steam, the mass of water separated was 1.2 kg in 15…
  27. The function of a valve rod is
  28. The steam temperature with increase in load in case of a boiler fitted with radiation superheater
  29. The effect of friction on the flow of steam through a nozzle is to
  30. Which is not correct statement about pulverised fuel firing?