The ratio of heat actually used in producing the steam to the heat liberated in the furnace, is known as

A. Equivalent evaporation

B. Factor of evaporation

C. Boiler efficiency

D. Power of a boiler

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  1. Gradually increasing temperature of flue gases at inlet to chimney for given steam outputs is an indication…
  2. Lancashire boiler is a
  3. Film boiling occurs at
  4. In forced circulation type boiler
  5. Which of the following boilers is best suited to meet fluctuating demands?
  6. A binary vapour plant consists of
  7. The relative efficiency is defined as the
  8. The actual power supplied by the engine crankshaft is called
  9. The numbers of fire tubes in a Cochran boiler are
  10. Which of the following substance will have same percentage in both proximate and ultimate analysis?
  11. Maximum energy loss in a boiler occurs due to
  12. In order to reduce the rotor speed of an impulse turbine, the method employed is
  13. 1 kg.m is equal to
  14. The process of draining steam from the turbine, at certain points during its expansion and using this…
  15. The function of a crosshead is to guide motion of the _________ and to prevent it from bending.
  16. Spontaneous combustion is a phenomenon in which
  17. The main object of a boiler trial is
  18. The overall efficiency of thermal power plant is
  19. Reheating of steam under ideal conditions takes place at constant
  20. A device used to put off fire in the furnace of the boiler when the level of water in the boiler falls…
  21. The increase in pressure
  22. In a steam condenser, the partial pressure of steam and air are 0.06 bar and 0.007 bar respectively.…
  23. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  24. Tertiary air is the air used to
  25. The pressure of reheat steam after passing through reheater compared to inlet condition is
  26. By compounding the expansion of steam in two or more cylinders, the length of stroke
  27. The latent heat of steam at pressures greater than atmospheric in comparison to latent heat at atmospheric…
  28. Incomplete combustion can be best judged by
  29. Water and sediment in fuel oil can be removed by
  30. In a compound steam engine, the first stage of expansion is carried out in a high pressure cylinder…