The ratio of maximum fluctuation of energy to the workdone per cycle is called

A. Fluctuation of energy

B. Maximum fluctuation of energy

C. Coefficient of fluctuation of energy

D. None of these

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  1. Creep in belt drive is due to
  2. Peaucelliers mechanism has
  3. In steady state forced vibrations, the amplitude of vibrations at resonance is __________ damping coefficient.
  4. Klein's construction can be used when
  5. A foot step bearing and rotor of a vertical turbine form examples of
  6. Which of the following disciplines provides study of inertia forces arising from the combined effect…
  7. The partial balancing of reciprocating parts in locomotives produces
  8. A mechanism __________ for transmitting or transforming motion.
  9. Power of a governor is the
  10. Which of the following statement is correct?
  11. In a steam engine, the earlier cut-off with a simple slide valve may be obtained by increasing the steam…
  12. Which type of gearing is used in steering system of an automobile?
  13. The driving and driven shafts connected by a Hooke's joint will have equal speeds, if
  14. Kinematic pairs are those which have
  15. When a point at the end of a link moves with constant angular velocity, its acceleration will have
  16. Klein's construction can be used to determine acceleration of various parts when the crank is at
  17. The equation of motion for a vibrating system with viscous damping is (d²x/dt²) + (c/m). (dx/dt)…
  18. The maximum fluctuation of energy is the
  19. In a disc clutch, if there are n₁ number of discs on the driving shaft and n₂ number of…
  20. The size of a gear is usually specified by
  21. The instantaneous centres which vary with the configuration of mechanism are called
  22. Which of the following is a higher pair?
  23. In a screw jack, the effort required to lower the load W is given by
  24. The frictional torque transmitted in a conical pivot bearing with assumption of uniform pressure is…
  25. In a Hartnell governor, the stiffness of the spring is given by (where S1 and S2 = Spring forces exerted…
  26. The Ackerman steering gear mechanism is preferred to the Davis steering gear mechanism, because
  27. The acceleration of a flat-faced follower when it has contact with the flank of a circular arc cam,…
  28. In a four stroke I.C. engine, the turning moment during the compression stroke is
  29. The effort of a Porter governor is equal to (where c = Percentage increase in speed, m = Mass of ball,…
  30. The flank of the tooth is the surface of the tooth __________ the pitch surface.