The ratio of the clearance volume to the swept volume is called

A. Cut-off ratio

B. Expansion ratio

C. Clearance ratio

D. None of these

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  1. Which is not the correct statement about moisture in coal?
  2. The value of the reheat factor varies from
  3. In a steam engine, superheated steam from the boiler is fed into the steam chest at a pressure of
  4. The length of shell of a Locomotive boiler is
  5. The cylinder condensation or missing quantity may be reduced by
  6. Fire tube boilers are limited to a maximum design working pressure of
  7. The latent heat of steam at pressures greater than atmospheric in comparison to latent heat at atmospheric…
  8. The state of vapour under saturation condition is described by
  9. The fire tubes in a Scotch marine boiler are
  10. Gradually increasing temperature of flue gases at inlet to chimney for given steam outputs is an indication…
  11. Boiler H.P. is defined as the
  12. In a nozzle, the effect of super-saturation is to
  13. Which of the following boiler works on a forced circulation of water?
  14. The maximum efficiency of a reaction turbine is
  15. In forced recirculation type boiler,
  16. Steam exhaust from high pressure turbine is reheated in
  17. The high pressure and low pressure cylinders in a Tandem type compound engine are regarded as having…
  18. The ratio of the workdone on the blades to the energy supplied to the blades, is called
  19. The reheat factor depends upon
  20. The economiser is used in boilers to
  21. In a throttling process
  22. Reheating of steam under ideal conditions takes place at constant
  23. In regenerative air preheaters, the heat is transferred
  24. A _________ in a boiler is used to put off fire in the furnace of the boiler when the level of water…
  25. The shell diameter of a Locomotive boiler is
  26. The pressure at which latent heat of vaporisation of water is zero, is
  27. Efficiency of a thermal cycle increases by
  28. Steam turbines are used for
  29. The friction present between the steam and the nozzle surfaces reduces the heat drop by
  30. The crown of the fire box is made hemispherical in order to