The ratio of working capital to total capital investment for most chemical plants (except for nonseasonal based products) is in the range of __________ percent.

A. 0.1 to 1

B. 1 to 2

C. 10 to 20

D. 50 to 60

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  2. Gross earning is equal to the total income minus
  3. Manufacturing cost in a chemical company does not include the
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  5. Which of the following does not come under the sales expenses for a product of a chemical plant?
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  7. The payback method for the measurement of return on investment
  8. Factory manufacturing cost is the sum of the direct production cost
  9. Cost incurred towards __________ in a chemical plant is a component of the utilities cost.
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  14. The ratio of gross annual sales to the fixed capital investment is termed as the __________ ratio.
  15. Construction expenses are roughly __________ percent of the total direct cost of the plant.
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  17. Fixed charges for a chemical plant does not include the
  18. In declining balance method of depreciation calculation, the
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  22. Which of the following elements is not included in the scope of market analysis?
  23. Which of the following is a component of working capital investment?
  24. The 'total capital investment' for a chemical process plant comprises of the fixed capital investment…
  25. Which of the following is not a component of the fixed capital for a chemical plant facility?
  26. The total investment in a project is Rs. 10 lakhs and the annual profit is 1.5 lakhs. If the project…
  27. For a typical project, the cumulative cash flow is zero at the
  28. The ratio of working capital to total capital investment for most chemical plants (except for nonseasonal…
  29. Nominal and effective interest rates are equal, when the interest is compounded
  30. Depreciation