The _________ reference point defines the connection between the NT2 and the NT1.

A. P

B. Q

C. R

D. T

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  1. If the 1900 SYSTEM LED is _________, a system POST test has failed.
  2. The _______ program goes out and finds the IOS and loads it.
  3. OSPF supports a ________-layer hierarchical design.
  4. Which of the following reasons might you need to use address translation?
  5. What must you do to enable IP routing on your router? (Choose all of the correct answers.)
  6. Which 2950 command assigns a VLAN to an interface?
  7. The switch port that is chosen to forward traffic for a segment is called a __________.
  8. A routing protocol will use a _________ to determine which path is the best path.
  9. You are in Interface Subconfiguration mode and want to completely return to Privilege EXEC mode. What…
  10. The _________ command takes you from User EXEC mode to Privilege EXEC mode
  11. When you have configured PPP on an interface and use the show interfaces command, what state indicates…
  12. OSPF uses __________ as a metric.
  13. If the 1900's mode is FDUP, and the LED is _________, the port speed is set to autodetect.
  14. The root switch is the one elected with the __________ __________.
  15. When using debug with PAP, which of the following message types might you see?
  16. The ___________ converts an ISDN four-wire connection to a two-wire connection.
  17. Extended traceroute works from which mode?
  18. Which router command creates a standard named ACL called test?
  19. Ethernet ___________ has/have both a physical and logical bus topology.
  20. The function of the MODE button is to __________.
  21. Your router is running RIP and OSPF and both routing protocols are learning Which routing…
  22. BPDU stands for ____________.
  23. _________ negotiates the data link and network layer protocols that will traverse a PPP connection.
  24. __________ allows you to distribute connection requests destined to a single IP address to multiple…
  25. IGRP generates an update every ___________ seconds.
  26. The _________ reference point defines the connection between the NT2 and the NT1.
  27. You are given a Class B network with a subnet mask of How many hostaddresses are there…
  28. Which of the following is true concerning ISL?
  29. What command assigns a User EXEC password to a 2950 switch?
  30. Which of the following is true concerning RIPv2?