The refrigerant widely used in domestic refrigerators is

A. Ammonia

B. Carbon dioxide

C. Sulphur dioxide

D. R-12

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  1. The total pressure exerted by the mixture of air and water vapour is equal to the sum of pressures which…
  2. The material of pipe lines for a system using Freon as a refrigerant should be
  3. In a psychrometric chart, specific humidity (moisture content) lines are
  4. In a vapour compression system, the condition of refrigerant before entering the expansion or throttle…
  5. The temperature of ammonia after compression in a vapour compression system is
  6. Reducing suction pressure in refrigeration cycle
  7. The vertical and uniformly spaced lines on a psychrometric chart indicates
  8. The bypass factor of a cooling coil decreases with
  9. Which of the following statement is correct?
  10. The refrigeration effect in a dry evaporator compared to flooded evaporator in a similar plant is
  11. The vapour pressure of refrigerant should be
  12. Freon group of refrigerants are
  13. The suction pipe diameter of refrigerating unit compressor in comparison to delivery side is
  14. The specific humidity during cooling and dehumidification
  15. Which of the following statement is correct?
  16. The temperature of air recorded by a thermometer, when its bulb is surrounded by a wet cloth exposed…
  17. Which of the following refrigerants has lowest freezing point?
  18. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  19. A refrigerating system operating on reversed Brayton refrigeration cycle is used for maintaining 250…
  20. The C.O.P. of a heat pump working on a reversed Carnot cycle is
  21. A good refrigerant should have
  22. The refrigerant for a refrigerator should have
  23. A refrigerant with the highest critical pressure is
  24. The reduced ambient air cooling system has
  25. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  26. The wet bulb temperature during sensible heating of air
  27. The minimum temperature to which water can be cooled in a cooling tower is
  28. The colour of the flame of halide torch, in case of leakage of Freon refrigerant, will change to
  29. The index which correlates the combined effects of air temperature, relative humidity and air velocity…
  30. In a flooded evaporator refrigerator, an accumulator at suction of compressor is used to