The relation between tool life (T) and cutting speed (V) is VTn = Constant. In this relation, the value of n depends upon

A. Work material

B. Tool material

C. Working conditions

D. Type of chip produced

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  1. What is the type of shielding gas for GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) used for carbon steels only called?
  2. The abrasive slurry used in ultrasonic machining contains fine particles of
  3. Green sand mould indicates that
  4. In a centre lathe, the cutting tool is fed in _________ with reference to the lathe axis.
  5. The grooving is an operation of
  6. The actual feed in centerless grinders is given by (where d = Dia. of regulating wheel, n = Revolutions…
  7. Gear finishing operation is called
  8. The type of tool used on milling machine and broaching machine is
  9. Crater wear leads to
  10. Which of the following statement is correct as regard to up milling?
  11. In lapping operation, the amount of metal removed is
  12. Quality screw threads are produced by
  13. In an interchangeable assembly, shafts of size 25.000 -0.010⁺⁰⁰⁴⁰…
  14. During normalizing process of steel, the specimen is heated
  15. An important geometrical quantity in the cutting of metals which can be used as a criterion for machinability…
  16. In a plain milling machine, the table can be moved
  17. The cutting force in punching and blanking operations mainly depends on
  18. The relation between tool life (T) and cutting speed (V) is VTn = Constant. In this relation, the value…
  19. The cutting speed of a drill depends upon the
  20. The percentage of carbon in gray cast iron is in the range of
  21. In centreless grinders, the regulating wheel is inclined at
  22. The increase in depth of cut and feed rate __________ surface finish.
  23. Chip breakers are used to
  24. The lathe spindles at the nose end have
  25. The ratio between two consecutive spindle speeds for a six-speed drilling machine using drills of diameter…
  26. An operation of embossing a diamond shaped pattern on the surface of a workpiece, is known as
  27. High speed steel tools retain their hardness upto a temperature of
  28. For fast removal of materials during grinding, a _________ grinding wheel is used.
  29. In drilling brass, a drill with
  30. What is the welding defect caused due to improper control and poor removal of slog between passes called?