The relative heat absorption for successively added equal areas of boiler convection heating surfaces

A. Increases

B. Decreases

C. Remain unaffected

D. First increases and then decreases

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  1. The number of drums in Benson steam generator is
  2. In case of non-condensing steam engines, the pressure of steam in the cylinder during exhaust stroke…
  3. Water at pressure of 4 kg/cm² and 160°C temperature when exposed to atmosphere will
  4. The critical pressure at which latent heat of vaporisation is zero is
  5. The function of injector used in small capacity boilers is to
  6. Which of the following statement indicates the difference between Cornish boiler and Lancashire boiler?
  7. A device in which some portion of waste heat of flue gases is recovered to heat the air before it passes…
  8. For water, at pressures below atmospheric;
  9. When the speed of the engine is controlled by means of a valve in a steam pipe, which regulates the…
  10. Cut-off governing of steam engines is a method of controlling the engine output by varying
  11. 1 kg.m is equal to
  12. When the circulation of water, in a boiler, is by convection currents which are set up during the heating…
  13. A condenser where circulating water flows through tubes which are surrounded by steam, in known as
  14. Film boiling occurs at
  15. In a nozzle, the effect of super-saturation is to
  16. The critical pressure ratio is given by (where p₁ = Initial pressure of steam, and p₂…
  17. The length of shell of a Locomotive boiler is
  18. The major axis of elliptical manholes on the shell should be provided
  19. Expansion ratio is the ratio of
  20. In a Parson's turbine stage, blade velocity is 320 m/s at the mean radius and rotor blade exit angle…
  21. Parson's reaction turbine is a __________ reaction turbine.
  22. Maximum energy loss in a boiler occurs due to
  23. A closed vessel made of steel and used for the generation of steam is called a
  24. The length of Cornish boiler varies from
  25. Multi-stage steam turbines are of the
  26. Incomplete combustion can be best judged by
  27. The actual vacuum in a condenser is equal to
  28. In a velocity compounded impulse turbine, when steam flows through the second row of moving blades,
  29. The velocity of flue gases (V) through the chimney under a static draught of (H') metres is given by
  30. The mechanical draught _________ with the amount of smoke.