The relief or clearance at the cutting edge of a flat drill varies from

A. 3° to 8°

B. 20° to 30°

C. 60° to 90°

D. 90° to 120°

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  1. If the helix angle of the drill is made _________ 30°, then the torque required to drive the drill…
  2. The operation of machining several surfaces of a workpiece simultaneously is called
  3. The grooving is an operation of
  4. Glazing in grinding wheels takes place when the
  5. Segmental chips are formed during machining
  6. Two plates of the same metal having equal thickness are to be butt welded with electric arc. When the…
  7. The depth of cut in drilling is __________ the drill diameter.
  8. Discontinuous chips are formed during machining of
  9. Down milling is also called
  10. A process of removing metal by pushing or pulling a cutting tool is called
  11. When the end of a tap is tapered for about three or four threads, it is known as a
  12. Flank wear depends upon the
  13. NC contouring is an example of
  14. In a metal arc welding process, a gas metal arc welding with magnetized flux is used and can be done…
  15. The abrasive recommended for grinding materials of high tensile strength is
  16. What is the method of brazing used to join relatively small assemblies made from materials that either…
  17. Which of the following statement is correct about hot machining?
  18. The hole to be drilled for tapping is _________ the outside diameter of the thread on the tap.
  19. The size of a lathe is specified by the
  20. In plunge grinding
  21. A tool used to withdraw a drill from the sleeve is called
  22. For turning small taper on long workpiece, the suitable method is
  23. When two main plates are kept in alignment butting each other and riveted with cover plate on both sides…
  24. A taper tap has
  25. In drilling operation, the metal is removed by
  26. Crack in grinding wheel is developed due to
  27. The lathe centres are provided with standard taper known as
  28. Match the items of List-I (Equipment) with the items of List-II (Process) and select the correct answer…
  29. As tool and work are not in contact in EDM process
  30. A drill considered as a cutting tool having zero rake, is known as a