The resistance of an insulator ___ when its temperature is increased.

A. Decreases

B. Remains the same

C. Increases

D. Varies

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  1. What is the conductance of a circuit having three 10 resistors in parallel?
  2. The capacitance of a capacitor is ___ relative permittivity.
  3. Which of the following capacitors has the highest cost per F?
  4. What is the most common non-sinusoidal waveform?
  5. When the temperature of copper wire is increased its resistance is
  6. When voltage is applied across a ceramic dielectric the electrostatic field p roduced is 50 times greater…
  7. When two in-phase sine waves that have identical frequency and amplitude are added togethera then the…
  8. When two unequal values of resistors are connected in parallel across a dc sourcea greater current flows…
  9. Property of an electric circuit that dissipates electric energy
  10. In a multiple capacitora the plate area is
  11. Delta to wye or wye to delta transformation technique is applied to a ___ network.
  12. Which component opposes voltage change?
  13. A 0.09 microfarad capacitor is charged to 220 volts. How long in milliseconds will it discharged resistor…
  14. The capacitor opposes any change in voltage across it by
  15. With double the number of turns by the same length and areaa the inductance is
  16. The curve between current and frequency is termed as
  17. An inductor carries 2 A dc. If its inductance is 100 Ha then what is its inductive reactance?
  18. The superposition theorem is used when the circuit contains
  19. A three-by-threea series-parallel matrix of resistorsa all having the same ohmic valuea would have a…
  20. Nortons theorem is ____ Thevenins theorem.
  21. The Q-factor of a parallel resonant circuit is also known as
  22. Which of the following is a preferred resistor value?
  23. A coil of inductance L has an inductive reactance of XLin an ac circuit in which the effective current…
  24. What does a capacitor store?
  25. High resistance values are a consequence of the ___ of the film.
  26. Inductive reactance applies only to sine waves because it
  27. The graph between an alternating quantity and time is called
  28. The arc across a switch when it open an RL circuit is a result of the
  29. A series RLCcircuit has a ______ power factor at its half-power points
  30. If the capacitance of mica capacitor is 5 times the capacitcitora then the relative permittivity of…