The Second Generation Computer was based on ________.

A. Vacuum Tube

B. Silicon Chips

C. Transistor

D. Bio Chips

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  1. Which language is directly understood by the computer without translation program?
  2. As compared to diskettes, the hard disks are
  3. Personal computers use a number of chips mounted on a main circuit board. What is the common name for…
  4. The examination and changing of single bits or small groups of his within a word is called
  5. High density double sided floppy disks could store _____ of data
  6. A computer which CPU speed around 100 million instruction per second and with the word length of around…
  7. In analog computer
  8. ________ Computers are of large size
  9. A modern electronic computer is a machine that is meant for
  10. What was the nick name of the computer used by the Americans in 1952 for their H-bomb project?
  11. What are the three decisions making operations performed by the ALU of a computer?
  12. For what Antikyathera was used?
  13. The CPU and memory are located on the:
  14. Which of the following is not electro-mechanical computer?
  15. The term GIGO is related to
  16. The basic operations performed by a computer are
  17. Hard disk is coated in both side with
  18. Abacus was the first
  19. The storage subsystem in a microcomputer consists mainly of __ or __ media with varying capacities
  20. What type of virus uses computer hosts to reproduce itself?
  21. Basic is _____ language.
  22. When a key is pressed on the keyboard, which standard is used for converting the keystroke into the…
  23. Which of the following is not input unit device?
  24. Which printer is very commonly used for desktop publishing?
  25. The digital computer was developed primarily in
  26. Which of the following memories allows simultaneous read and write operations?
  27. Daisy wheel printer is a type of
  28. One of the popular mass storage device is CD ROM. What does CD ROM stand for?
  29. What is the name of an application program that gathers user information and sends it to someone through…
  30. A byte consists of