The short-run supply curve of the perfectly competitive firm is given by:

A. The rising portion of its MR over and above the break-even (shut-down) point

B. The rising portion of its MC over and above the break-even (shut-down) point

C. The rising portion of its MC over and above the AC curve

D. The rising portion of its MC curve

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  1. If Cobb-Douglas production function is homogeneous of degree less than one (n
  2. For the given production function, technical inefficiency is defined as:
  3. Demand of a commodity is elastic when:
  4. Which of the following would be least likely to cause a consumer to eat less beef?
  5. The nominal income of a consumer is income in terms of:
  6. As the price of diamond is higher, so it has:
  7. In second degree price discrimination, monopolist takes away :
  8. In case of perfect competition, TR curve rises at a:
  9. The demand curve of giffen goods will be:
  10. The pay-off matrix shows:
  11. Economic problems arise because:
  12. According to Marginalists, the price of any commodity is determined by:
  13. Each short run average cost curve:
  14. In monopoly, new firms:
  15. The cournot model is a model of:
  16. A monopoly producer has:
  17. The coefficient of the price elasticity of demand is computed as the absolute value of the percentage…
  18. In dominant price leadership model, the dominant firm set the:
  19. In cournot model, each firm makes decision regarding:
  20. The relationship between MC and MP shown by the marginal cost concept is:
  21. The effects according to which people use those goods which are concerned with distinctive standard…
  22. The MRTS along an iso-quant goes on to:
  23. If by doubling all inputs in the long run output is less than double, it is a case of:
  24. Moving along an indifference curve leaves the consumer:
  25. When elasticity of demand is one (e=1), then following the formula MR=P[1-1/e], the MR will:
  26. Normally when price per unit of time falls:
  27. Which industries spend a relatively large share of their revenue on research and development in order…
  28. In collusive olligopoly, the firms may make:
  29. The slutsky demand curve includes:
  30. If a good is an inferior good then an increase in incomes of the consumers will: