The shortcut key of Go to Previous Frame in PageMaker

A. Ctrl+Alt+[

B. Ctrl+F

C. Ctrl+Alt+]

D. Alt+F

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  1. In PageMaker, we can create the border automatically around the object,by using ________ option from…
  2. In PageMaker Shortcut key of Superscript is
  3. In PageMaker the minimum Point Size is 8pt.
  4. In PageMaker space between two columns is called
  5. The shortcut key of Go to Next Frame in PageMaker.
  6. In Pagemaker US English option is related to __________.
  7. We can import a style into a publication from another application.
  8. In PageMaker we cannot separate the Frame and it's content.
  9. Fill and Stroke is related to Edit Menu.
  10. Template file extension in PageMaker 6.5 is ____.
  11. Short cut key for Reverse command is Shift + Ctrl + V.
  12. The shortcut key of Go to Previous Frame in PageMaker
  13. The shortcut key of Place command is
  14. OLE is possible in PageMaker.
  15. We get "High Resolution" option from _____ dialog box.
  16. Choose View > Show Master Pages to display the Master Pages palette.
  17. The shortcut key of Paragraph Specefication is ___________
  18. We can create Gradient color in PageMaker
  19. Convert Quotes converts double dashes to em dashes.
  20. We can change the value of default Autoleading in PageMaker.
  21. In case of Decimal Tab the alignment of the left part of the point (.) is Left and the right part is…
  22. The Cropping tool is used to trim any ________ graphics.
  23. The Shortcut key of Show/Hide Guide is _________ in PageMaker.
  24. We can sort the pages of publication.
  25. The shortcut key of Edit Story is Crtl+E.
  26. The shortcut Key of Show Pasteboard is _________ in PageMaker.
  27. TOC stand for
  28. We can work with two types of graphic in PageMaker.
  29. We get Autoflow option in ______ menu.
  30. The shortcut key to open Go to Page dialog box is