The shortcut Key of Text Wrap is ______ in PageMaker.

A. Ctrl+Shift+W

B. Alt+Ctrl+F

C. Alt+E

D. None of the Above

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  1. The shortcut Key of Text Wrap is ______ in PageMaker.
  2. We can change the format of page number.
  3. We can change the default colour of the page.
  4. The default page size in PageMaker 6.5 is ________.
  5. OLE is possible in PageMaker.
  6. In PageMaker the minimum Point Size is 8pt.
  7. We can import text file directly from Story Editor in PageaMaker
  8. PageMaker keeps track of the last ten publications you opened and saved.
  9. We cannot add new color in Color Palette in PageMaker.
  10. In PageMaker space between two columns is called
  11. The Cropping tool is used to Trim any object.
  12. When we are importing text, we can replace the existing story with the new text.
  13. Before placing an In-line Graphic we have to place the cursor after selecting the Text tool.
  14. There are ________ type of Leading Method in PageMaker.
  15. The keyboard shortcut for Force Justify is ______ .
  16. Minimum Zoom level in PageMaker is 25%.
  17. In pageMaker the minimum target output resolution that we can set is
  18. We can create multiple Master Page for a publication.
  19. In Pagemaker US English option is related to __________.
  20. Maximum Undo level is 9999.
  21. In case of Hanging Indentation, the value of first line should be positive.
  22. The shortcut key to activate Text Tool is Alt+Shift+F1
  23. If the Pointer tool is selected, by pressing Alt key we can get Hand tool to Scroll the page.
  24. If we double click on Polygon tool, Polygon Setting window will open.
  25. Ctrl + 0 is the shortcut key to Fit in Window view .
  26. The shortcut key of underline in PageMaker ________is
  27. We get Autoflow option in ______ menu.
  28. The shortcut key of Go to Previous Frame in PageMaker
  29. We can set the value of maximum __________ lines for Widow Control.
  30. The Retain Format option imports any character and paragraph formatting and the style sheet, if there…