The simplest hydrocarbon is

A. benzene

B. methane

C. ethane

D. butane

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  1. Sulphur is readily soluble in
  2. Boiler scales' contain
  3. ________ is left behind after distillation of petroleum.
  4. If people sleep in closed rooms where charcoal fire is burning, they die due to
  5. The flux added in the blast furnace is
  6. In surgical operation, the anaesthetic commonly used nowadays is
  7. Reduction involves
  8. The gas evolved when ammonium nitrate is heated is
  9. A drug that is usually administered for malaria is
  10. The foul odour of gasoline is due to
  11. Artificial diamonds were produced by
  12. A burning substance which continues to burn in a jar of carbon dioxide is
  13. Which of the following is a regenerated fibre?
  14. The poisonous nature of carbon monoxide is due to
  15. Harmful bacteria in drinking water cannot be destroyed by
  16. The Carbon dioxide is absorbed by
  17. The formula for cane sugar is
  18. In addition to nitric acid, another acid which may render iron passive is
  19. Which of the following represents a physical change?
  20. The alloy added in the preparation of steel contains
  21. Invert sugar is
  22. The science which deals with the chemistry of life processes is known as
  23. The compounds produced by plants in the process of photosynthesis are
  24. Apart from lead tetra-ethyl, the other compound used as antiknock is
  25. The number of neutrons in the nucleus of an atom of mass A and atomic number Z is given by
  26. Water has an unusually high bolling point because
  27. Lead soaps are used in
  28. Which of the following is a communicable disease caused by viruses?
  29. The non-metal which has a shining appearance is
  30. Beri-beri is caused by deficiency of Vitamin