The smallest diameter of an external or internal screw thread is known as

A. Minor diameter

B. Major diameter

C. Pitch diameter

D. None of these

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  1. An open coiled helical compression spring 'A' of mean diameter 50 mm is subjected to an axial load W.…
  2. In a partial journal bearing, the angle of contact of the bearing with the journal is
  3. The temperature required for full annealing in hypereutectoid steel is
  4. A flange coupling is used to connect two shafts
  5. Belt slip may occur due to
  6. If the size of a standard specimen for a fatigue testing machine is increased, the endurance limit for…
  7. Two rigid plates are clamped by means of bolt and nut with an initial force F. After tightening, a separating…
  8. Pick up wrong statement. Fatigue strength can be increased by
  9. The lower deviation is the algebraic difference between the
  10. According to Indian standards, a bolt thread of 6 mm size of coarse pitch and with allowance on the…
  11. A tapered key which fits in a key way in the hub and the bottom of which is shaped to fit the curved…
  12. A connecting rod subjected to an axial load may buckle with
  13. In a flange coupling, the bolts are subjected to
  14. The draw of cotter need not exceed
  15. The width of the pulley should be __________ width of the belt.
  16. Which of the following statement is correct, for two shafts connected in parallel?
  17. The standard length of the shaft is
  18. The shock absorbing capacity of a bolt can be increased by
  19. Tapered roller bearings can take
  20. According to I.B.R., the factor of safety of riveted joint should not be less than
  21. Plastic flow in ductile materials
  22. The shear stress in a beam varies from zero at the outer fibres to a maximum at the________.
  23. A fast and loose pulley drive is used when
  24. The stiffness of a closely coiled helical spring subjected to an axial load W is equal to (where G =…
  25. Wahl's stress factor __________ very rapidly as the spring index decreases.
  26. In helical gears, the right hand helixes on one gear will mesh __________ helixes on the other gear.
  27. A steel containing 0.8% carbon is known as
  28. In a multiple V-belt drive, when a single belt is damaged, it is preferable to change the complete set…
  29. In a transverse fillet welded joint, the size of weld is __________ the throat of weld.
  30. When the screw in a mechanical screw jack rotates, the load kept on the top of it moves