The specific heat of water is

A. 1.817

B. 2512

C. 4.187

D. None of these

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  1. An open system is one in which
  2. The total strain energy stored in a body is termed a
  3. The area under the temperature-entropy curve (T - s curve) of any thermodynamic process represents
  4. The percentage reduction in area of a cast iron specimen during tensile test would be of the order of
  5. When a body is subjected to a direct tensile stress (σx) in one plane accompanied by a simple shear…
  6. The value of specific heat at constant pressure (cp) is __________ that of at constant volume (cv).
  7. Charles' law states that all perfect gases change in volume by __________ of its original volume at…
  8. When the expansion or compression takes place according to the law pvn = C, the process is known as
  9. Relation between cp and cv is given by (where cp = Specific heat at constant pressure, cv = Specific…
  10. According to First law of thermodynamics,
  11. The deformation per unit length is called
  12. One kilowatt is equal to
  13. A boiler shell 200 cm diameter and plate thickness 1.5 cm is subjected to internal pressure of 1.5 MN/m,…
  14. Workdone during adiabatic expansion is given by (where p1 v1, T1 = Pressure, volume and temperature…
  15. A thin mild steel wire is loaded by adding loads in equal increments till it breaks. The extensions…
  16. The gas turbine cycle with regenerator improves
  17. The pressure exerted by an ideal gas is ________ of the kinetic energy of all the molecules contained…
  18. A cube subjected to three mutually perpendicular stress of equal intensity p expenses a volumetric strain
  19. During a tensile test on a specimen of 1 cm cross-section, maximum load observed was 8 tonnes and area…
  20. For the same compression ratio, the efficiency of dual combustion cycle is
  21. For a beam, as shown in the below figure, when the load W is applied in the centre of the beam, the…
  22. The ultimate analysis of coal consists of the determination of the percentage of
  23. A masonry dam may fail due to
  24. The efficiency of Diesel cycle depends upon
  25. A simply supported beam with a gradually varying load from zero at B and w per unit length at A is shown…
  26. In the below figure, the stress corresponding to point D is
  27. Petrol is distilled at
  28. Modular ratio of two materials is the ratio of
  29. Select the correct statement as per Charles' law
  30. The increase in entropy of a system represents