The spores of Puccinia formed on the leaves of wheat are called

A. Basidiospores

B. Ascidiospores

C. Uredospores

D. Pycnospores

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  1. The phenomenon of summer sleep by animals is called
  2. The heart of the human embryo starts beating in the _____ week of its development.
  3. The eland having endorine as well as exocrine function is
  4. The normal systolic blood pressure is
  5. Vessels proceeding to the heart are
  6. The plants will stop growing if the shoot tip is cut off because
  7. Nephrons are found inside
  8. Cutting and layering are the methods of plant propagation usually referred to as
  9. The golden age of Dinosaurs was
  10. Organisms that live in the deep sea are mainly
  11. The theory of 'jumping genes' was propounded by
  12. The most primitive mammals are
  13. Which of these is most consistently observed in Vitamin B12 deficiency?
  14. Which of the following diseases are not bacterial?
  15. Valves are present inside
  16. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy refers to
  17. In case of a heart attack a hormone is injected as an emergency measure. Which one is it?
  18. Plague is caused by
  19. Blood of cockroach is
  20. Damage to hearing is caused by sounds which exceed
  21. Edward Jenner to find out the efficacy of vaccination used
  22. Which of the following is a disease of brain?
  23. Accepted theory for the origin of life is
  24. Haemophilia is a hereditary disease carried by
  25. Compared to the veins, the walls of arteries are
  26. Which of the following is a vector-borne disease for which a special programme has been launched by…
  27. Which one of the following is caused by the expression of a recessive gene present on sex chromosome?
  28. Plantain is
  29. Typhoid is a disease caused by
  30. Which hormone is secreted when there is a rise in the blood glucose level?