The sporozoites of Plasmodium first attack


B. liver cells

C. muscles

D. intestine

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  1. Which day is celebrated as Malaria day ?
  2. Kala-azar is a disease caused by
  3. The trophozoite of Entamoeba histolytica reproduces by
  4. The schizogony cycle of Plasmodium takes place in
  5. Trypanosoma is transmitted by
  6. A digenic protozoan parasite is
  7. Mild tertian malaria is caused by
  8. Process of reconstitution of nuclei in a single paramecium without fusion of gametic nuclei is
  9. The micronucleus in Paramecium is concerried with
  10. In Paramecium, proteins are digested
  11. Golgi cycle in Plasmodium occurs in man, in
  12. The rossette stage in lif^ cycle of Plasmodium is found in
  13. Sporogony of malaria parasite occurs in
  14. The resultant cells of schizogony in the life history of malarial parasite are
  15. Plasmalemma membrane covers thebody of
  16. Trypanosoma shows the phenomenon of
  17. An example of dimorphic protozoan is
  18. In Plasmodium, gametocytes are formed by j the trophozoites in the RBS of man. They do not develop fully…
  19. The energy for Amoeba for doing work comes from
  20. The giant Amoeba is
  21. RBCs are found in the food vacuoles of
  22. The function of neuro-motor system of Paramecium is
  23. Alternation of generations is otherwise known as
  24. Malignant tertian malaria is caused by
  25. Highly polypoid meganucleus is present in
  26. According to Whittaker's system of classification, all the living organisms are classifed into 5 kingdoms…
  27. Amoeba secretes digestive enzymes to hydrolyse
  28. Nitrogenous wastes in Amoeba are expelled through
  29. Gametocytes of Plasmodium are formed in
  30. Ingestion of some water with food in Amoeba takes place by the process of